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Our contacts in Stuttgart/Germany are responsible for our german and Turkish clients. Mr. Ali Akın and Uğur Çetin ensure this important function.

Mr. Akın was born and raised in Germany and speaks fluent Turkish and German. He is a well-connected trading agent. E.g. he formerly managed the production and distribution of the merchandise products of the F1-Team with Michael Schumacher and others. His business network and connections reach from Germany via Turkey all the way to China.

Mr. Çetin was born in Turkey but grew up in Germany. He speaks German as well as Turkish. As a civil engineer he has managed several international projects, especially in Turkey. Over the course of many years he developed his relationships with Turkish industrialists, lawyers and government officials into a well-connected network. With his almost friendly contacts, timely solutions for almost any request and concern are close at hand.

Mozartstraße 15
70180 Stuttgart