| What do we offer

The Offset Table provides strategic and operationally usable access to the international market. We try to match our client’s needs with the expectations and requirements of the respective countries.

To establish and expand a long-term network is crucial to provide our clients with effective options and possibilities –  in a timely manner and adapted to the individual case  –  to fulfill their offset – / compensation and localization obligations, or to optimize already established procedures.

By continuously cross-referencing legislative amendments we are able to create a high degree of legal certainty in advance and during the implementation phase. This minimizes potential risks that may stem from breaches of agreements and contracts.

We accompany our clients throughout the project phases, indicate possible bottlenecks and problems and warn them well in advance. This also includes political risk factors and prognosis of possible further problems.

In case of communication problems between our clients and other involved parties, we are able to provide mediation from a very early stage. It is worth noting, that our main objective and concern is the prevention of any kind of shortfalls concerning our clients needs.

We have direct access, among others, to the industry associations DKF, ECCO and GOCA through our network.